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Clip Converter is a free online media recorder application, which allows you to record and convert nearly any audio or video URL from YouTube, MySpace, Veoh... and others to common formats.
Just enter in the search/convertion box the URL from your media page, and the online converter application will try to detect the media file. Afterwards Clip Converter records the media file to one of our servers. There it will be converted to your choosen format and after finishing the conversion you are able to download the file.
Format download available:
audio: MP3, M4A, AAC Video: MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV
ClipConverter provide also a Browser Addon button, to convert and download videos directly. This makes you able to use Clip Converter faster and more efficient.
The addon is completely free of any Adverts or Spyware and does not install any Toolbars, Search Providers or other annoying stuff!
show detected media with downloading informations:
YouTube Video High Definition (1080p), size: 363 MB
YouTube Video High Definition (720p), size: 237 MB
YouTube Video High Quality (480p), size: 91 MB
YouTube Video Standard Quality (360p), size: 64 MB
YouTube Video Mobile Version (3GP), size: 22 MB

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